A Safety Guide from Nicheman Community Member Clayton Householder

The world of cryptocurrency is not only new, but it’s a challenging environment for even seasoned veterans. Between coins with no backing, those with no plan, and those with bad actors, it is important to do everything in your individual power to stay safe and informed in this ever-changing environment. To give you a leg up in this race, the following will be my take on what can be done to stay as secure and safe as possible. As a quick introduction, my name is Clayton Householder, I am an Information Security Professional originally from Columbus, Ohio.

Best Security Practices

  1. Never share your personal information. In the crypto space, this spans everything from your banking information to your secret seed phrase. This information can be securely stored in a password vault, an example of this would be Bitwarden (one that I personally use).
  2. Be cautious of everybody. Unfortunately, with high amounts of profit to be made in this space, there are going to be people that do not have your best interests in mind. With this, it is incredibly important to not blindly trust anyone. Scammers and bad actors will often try to build up your trust by extending a valid seeming offer with the intent to steal your information or otherwise breach the security of any given wallet you may be using. Scammers may also try to impersonate leadership from projects to convince you of their legitimacy. Remember, no one on the Nicheman team (including devs, mods, and admins) will ever message you first. Pay attention to typos in usernames, handles, and grammatical errors that seem rare or suspicious compared to the team member you know.
  3. Use a VPN. A VPN is essentially a layer of security in the way of masking your true identity online, while certainly not a requirement, they are very beneficial for overall internet security and privacy.
  4. Be careful with your identity and information. Similar to holding a level of caution, it is important to champion who you are as a person, never give out more information than you feel is needed, and never feel pressured to give out more information than you want to. As a member of the NicheCommunity and someone who loves what we are doing, coupled with my background, I am here to be as transparent as I can be about myself; but this does not apply to every individual and you each have the right to maintain your privacy in the decentralized system.
  5. Do your own research. Much like no one is here to provide financial advice, no one can tell you what to do with your investments or where you do business with. Unfortunately, in the crypto space, there have been a number of suspicious and outright malicious entities in the realm of both exchanges and coin platforms. Generally, if something feels illegitimate or dangerous, do the work to research and verify.

If Something Feels Wrong, Ask For Help

Myself and the Nicheman Support Community are here to make sure everyone is here having a safe and constructive time. We all bring our unique strengths to this wonderful project and we all put our best foot forward when we’re safe and happy.

Below is my personal contact information and resume if you wish to check my credentials. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly on any of my provided platforms and I will be happy to do what I can.

Telegram: https://t.me/claykhouseholder

Discord: NICHEMan NICHE-Stan#0529



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clay-householder/

About Nicheman:

Every token claims to be community-focused, but only Nicheman really invites every investor to share their niche. That cohesion of uniqueness and creativity comes through in every decision and idea, giving us a niche community feel with the potential to attract millions.

Long-term, in addition to a stable, safe investment with 50–100x potential, the project will support overlooked charities in need while bridging the gap for small businesses and freelancers to get involved in the world of crypto.

Nicheman is currently available on PancakeSwap and Hotbit and was recently listed on CoinGecko, with CoinMarketCap and further marketing on the way. Learn more at https://nicheman.space or at https://t.me/NichemanBSC

Welcome to Nicheman, your new favorite niche community! Nicheman is appealing to small audiences with a project in the DeFi crypto space like none other.